Now that it’s now

Just a jam I wanted to share with you and only you, dear reader, “now that I’m almost not so very far behind…”


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4 Responses to “Now that it’s now”

  1. Emma R. Says:

    love this song.

    i just saw “the white ribbon” last night with ham-about-town kyle sparks. it was unsettling for me to say the least.

    anyway, i read your column about the movie last night, and it nicely hog-tied all the thoughts about it i was trying to wrangle. nice job dan!


  2. Anthony Says:

    Oh man, thanks for the song. You should do this more often, I’ll play the songs on my show. I’m definitely playing this song Friday.

    PS Do you know how Nico died? It’s really weird. She also was a self-described nihilist. I could have guessed.

  3. Anthony Says:

    Also, Jackson Browne wrote a few of Nico’s songs. I could only imagine how strange that relationship was, but then again, what part about her life wasn’t strange? I don’t remember if they talked about her at all in that PBS documentary about Warhol.

    • Dan Sullivan Says:

      Glad you dug the song. The album it’s from, “Chelsea Girls” (the spiritual soundtrack for the Warhol film of the same name), is excellent.

      IIRC, there wasn’t much talk of Nico in the PBS doc, but one of my favorite directors, Philippe Garrel, was essentially her boyfriend for all of the 70s. A number of Garrel’s films allude to their apparently tumultuous relationship; the most direct and brooding of these is “I No Longer Hear the Guitar” (Four Star has it on DVD).

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