All-aboard the “Greenberg” hype-train

The weather’s even sweller than it was yesterday, so I’ll keep this post nice and concise. (Besides, don’t you guys have some day-drinking to get to?)

Don’t let the last name fool you: I’m part-Irish, but I ain’t that Irish. Nevertheless, I’ve had my mind on “green” subjects as of late.

In this week’s Village Voice, J. Hoberman reviewed Noah Baumbach’s “Greenberg,” which, as you might recall, I’m quite anxious to see when it opens at Sundance Cinemas on 3/26. Jim—if he doesn’t mind me calling him that—seems to dig the film quite a bit, writing more effusively about it than did the New Yorker’s David Denby (whose review was unmistakably positive) earlier this week. The suspense, lads and lasses, is beginning to kill me. Now who wants to go read excerpts from Joyce on the Terrace?

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