What I’ll be seeing at the Wisconsin Film Festival

This came up often enough over the weekend that it deserves an entire post: what I’m planning to see at the upcoming Wisconsin Film Festival (April 14-18). I was very pleased to hear from a number of my amigos and acquaintances that they’ve already bought or will soon buy their tickets for the fest. I wasn’t as pleased to wait nearly 30 minutes in line at the Union today to buy my own tickets. Anyhoo, without further ado:

“Historias Extraordinarias,” “Daddy Longlegs,” “The Host,” “Collateral,” “Harmony and Me,” “It Came from Kuchar,” “Wild River,” “The Art of the Steal” and “The Train.”

Some new stuff, some old stuff. Some fiction films, some documentaries. Some screenings with the filmmaker(s) present, some screenings with the filmmaker(s) absent. All will be great in their ways. And don’t you dare forget that tickets are a mere $3.50 per screening for UW students.

Above all else, one thing is crystal-clear: if you’re not planning to see “It Came from Kuchar,” then you probably haven’t seen the ridiculous and ridiculously poignant “Hold Me While I’m Naked” (1967).

The entire program and schedule is available at the WFF’s website.

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