Heads-up re: TCM, 4/7

Tonight (or rather, tomorrow morning) at 12:30 TCM will be showing Vincente Minnelli’s “The Pirate” (1948), which was one of the highlights of last semester’s Minnelli retrospective at the Cinematheque. “The Pirate” is nothing if not silly, flashy and unapologetically frivolous—and therein lies both its charm and its potency.

By now many are familiar with Andrew Sarris’ summation of Minnelli and his singular body of work (“Minnelli believes more in beauty than art”), but unlike his more ostentatiously self-serious works (“The Bad and the Beautiful,” “Lust for Life”), “The Pirate” suggests that cinema as a medium always relies upon an erasure of the dividing line between the sensual and the contemplative. Even if the implications of its aesthetics weren’t so stimulating and significant, the movie’s just a load of fun; very highly recommended.

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