Five yes/no questions with Manohla Dargis

I’m always running into familiar faces at Four Star Video Heaven, but those faces usually don’t belong to such eminent figures in the film community as UW’s David Bordwell and the NY Times’ Manohla Dargis. I’ve been reading Dargis quasi-religiously for some time now, so when I heard she’d be at Four Star for an in-store WORT broadcast, I knew I had to suppress my nerves and introduce myself.

Seeing as how Dargis has no shortage of speaking engagements and interviews to attend to while in Madison, I thought it was only fair that I keep my interview with her to five yes/no questions; because she’s apparently nothing if not a gamer, she was willing to oblige me. (Her answers are paraphrased.)

ds: In your estimation, is Michael Mann the best filmmaker to attend UW?

md: Yes. [Bordwell then reminds her that James Benning is a UW alum. This causes her to change her answer.] No.

ds: Is digital video diminishing the beauty of the film image?

md: No. (The video image and the film image are utterly distinct.)

ds: Is seeing a film on a laptop always inferior to seeing it on the big screen?

md: No.

ds: Is file-sharing (torrents, streaming, etc.) good for film culture?

md: No.

ds: Will NYC always be cinema’s artistic capitol in the US?

md: God no.

Don’t forget to check out Dargis’ introduction of Mann’s “Collateral” (4:30 at the Orpheum). Again, many thanks to her for being such a good sport.

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2 Responses to “Five yes/no questions with Manohla Dargis”

  1. Slane Says:

    Dude, awesome.

  2. Anthony Says:

    Did she say anything about going to the Plaza later?

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