(Visual) Quotes…, 4/22

Today’s installment of (Visual) Quotes… features images from Claire Denis’s very worthwhile “35 Shots of Rum” (2009), which is now available for rental at Four Star Video Heaven. “35 Shots” is an engrossing and evocative film that extracts a great deal of poetry from the so-called “everyday,” that is to say, it caramelizes the quotidian; in this way, it probably deserves to be grouped in Denis’s oeuvre with “Friday Night” and “Nenette and Bobi” (with “Chocolat,” “The Intruder” and “Beau travail” on the other side of the spectrum). Of course, “35 Shots of Rum” is also an unrelenting pleasure to look at (props to Agnès Godard, as always).

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