Some screentime for the snobs

Today’s edition of the Daily Cardinal features my esteemed colleague Justin Stephani’s last music column of the semester; in it, he grapples with audiophilia (which he makes seem quite similar to cinephilia) as a sociocultural phenomenon through an outstanding reading of Stephen Frears’s surprisingly epochal (if you know the people I know, that is) comedy “High Fidelity” (2000). The following passage is especially relevant, given all the attention that film culture and cinephilia get on this blog:

Rob [John Cusak] and friends compete with each other in utterly immature ways. At one point or another, they all look like assholes who enjoy the title of “snob” way too much, and they all deal with similar social ineptitudes. These—even moreso than the aspirations above—can be associated with the breed of music-lovers. And when audiences are forced to get to know Rob in these personal ways on top of his superficial snobby qualities, it’s easier to look past the pretentiousness and sympathize with his inadequacies. This is the hope and envy of audiophiles: To be judged not by the sometimes snobby color of their language, but by the content of their character (and music libraries). [my emphasis]

My own tear-soaked swansong will be delivered in Thursday’s paper. Until then…

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3 Responses to “Some screentime for the snobs”

  1. Annie Onimous Says:

    Will the last Sullivan’s Travels be as tearful and inspiring as Cailley Hammel’s final column?

    • Dan Sullivan Says:

      As much as I’d like to play the role of the blogger-hitman, I gotta plead the fifth on that one, “Annie.” Meanness subsides with the coming of summer, y’know?

  2. Slane Says:

    I left an absolutely scathing comment on her last column that did not get approved. Oh unhappy day…

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