“There’s no difference between reality and fiction.”

I’m already on record as saying that Godard’s “Film Socialisme” is my most anticipated premiere at the 2010 Cannes Film Festival, but a very close second is the latest by Abbas Kiarostami, “Certified Copy.” Here you’ll find an article that explains a bit about the philosophy expounded by and the methods that produced what looks to be one of the most intellectually intriguing films in recent memory.

Kiarostami’s implicit points of reference in “Certified Copy” are just as exciting as Godard’s casting of Alain Badiou in “Film Socialisme”; the article I linked to makes the film sound as though its title could instead be “Juliette Binoche in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction.”

I’m inclined to agree with the almost pretentious pronouncement by Kiarostami that I quoted in the title of this post. It’ll be a lot of fun to see how he goes about making his case.

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