Impermanent vacation

I suppose I ought to go ahead and make it official: Due to the general sluggishness presently afflicting Madison’s cinema scene (with the exception of the MMoCA’s Rooftop Cinema series, which I strongly encourage anyone and everyone to go experience firsthand) and the fact that I really, really ought to be devoting much more mental energy toward figuring out what I’m going to be doing for the next couple years, CineMadison is going on indefinite hiatus. This bums me out but I think it’s the best—or at least the most honest—course of action for me to take.

If anything especially noteworthy happens during this vacation, rest assured that I’ll pay it the attention it deserves; however, as I don’t anticipate any such noteworthy thing happening anytime soon (or at least until the Cinematheque unveils its summer schedule), I’ve decided to focus instead on some more immediate, personal matters (including a screenplay pet project that I’m not yet sick of working on, believe it or not).

Y’all have been great and I hope to see y’all again once things heat up on the film front here in Madtown. Until then…


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