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Finally: “Film Socialisme”

May 18, 2010

For those of you who were anxiously waiting for Jean-Luc Godard’s latest, “Film Socialisme,” to receive its much-anticipated premiere at Cannes, the wait, as of yesterday morning, is over. (I mean, what are the chances that it’ll get anything even vaguely resembling a nationwide distribution deal?) I’ll direct you toward this post by David Hudson over at the Daily Notebook, where he has aggregated most of the mixed/mystified response that the film has engendered in the day since its debut.

Funny how even the reviews that are intended to be at least somewhat negative only make me more eager to see what looks to be one of JLG’s most challenging, infuriating, inscrutable and uncompromising works of cinematic collage yet. For an encouragingly puzzled response to the film, I recommend that you read Manohla Dargis’s piece from yesterday’s Times.

As a recent (like, extremely recent) college graduate, I look forward to sharing “des problèmes de type grec” with Godard. And let’s pray that “Film Socialisme” opens somewhere other than NY at some point in our lifetimes, eh?