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Happy 80th…

June 24, 2010

… to Claude Chabrol, my third favorite filmmaker to emerge from Cahiers du cinéma’s Hitchcocko-Hawksian clique (I’ve never seen any of Luc Moullet’s films, sadly). If you’ve never watched “La cérémonie” (1995; a top 10 film of the 1990s, at least), “La femme infidèle” (1969), “Les biches” (1968) or “Les bonnes femmes” (1960), to name an especially great four, take this occasion as an opportunity to become familiar; and don’t sleep on 2000’s “Merci pour le chocolat,” an underappreciated gem that I counted amongst my 50 favorite films of the 00s back in January.

Favorites from the decade that was

January 5, 2010

Fifty fillets of film, alphabetically ordered. Now I can finally get on with my life.

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