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Heads-up re: TCM, 5/23

May 23, 2010

To whom it may interest: Tonight at 11 TCM will be showing King Vidor’s “The Big Parade” (1925), which I’ve never seen but which looks to be worth at least a gander, that is, if its Wikipedia article is any indication. TCM’s got an especially strong week ahead of it so expect regular notices from yours truly. Until then, it seems to me that it’d be in our collective best-interest to get outside and take advantage of this deliriously good weather.

Heads-up re: TCM, 8/3

August 3, 2009

Silent film icon Marion Davies is the subject of today’s “Summer Under the Stars” marathon on TCM. Of the 17 films TCM will be showing over the next 24 hours starring or about Davies, only 3 are silent, and of those 3, 2 immediately stand out as potential must-sees: back-to-back King Vidor comedies, Show People and The Patsy (both released in 1928), starting at 7PM (each is about 80 minutes long). The rest of today’s schedule is available here.