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Links to links to links to links

November 19, 2009

Because aggregating links to interesting stuff is a better use of one’s time than fulfilling one’s obligations, whatever those might be (in my case, writing and eating and breathing and, every once in a while, sleeping):

Alexander Sokurov’s latest, The Sun (2005), is finally getting its first run on American screens at NY’s Film Forum (the best cinema on Earth, for all my Madisonian readers). Unsurprisingly the film is receiving a whole lot of critical love: J. Hoberman digs it, as does Manohla Dargis, as does Daniel Kasman. I’m unsure whether I’ll be able to swing by the Forum to catch a showing while I’m temporarily back on the right coast next week, so hopefully the film’ll make its way to Madison at some point in the however distant future. If you’re fiending to see some Sokurov, Four Star Video Heaven has a pretty damn respectable collection of his films, including Moloch (1999), which is the first film in Sokurov’s “Men of Power” series (of which The Sun is a part).

Jack Craver’s debut for the Isthmus advances a “j’accuse” that anybody with a sense of both humor and history will surely smile upon reading: Mayor Dave as monarch.

I’m an armchair-philosopher’s armchair-philosopher, but I’m nevertheless fascinated by the recent online writings of contemporary thinker Graham Harman, who here gives a necessarily terse explanation of the two types of objects that he thinks are: real objects and sensual objects. (For good measure, here’s Michael Austin’s lucid explication of Harman’s theory of vicarious causation and Levi Bryant’s own take on what really happens between objects.) Harman’s book Guerrilla Metaphysics, in which he advances the über-intriguing, quasi-aesthetic concept of allure, is on my “note to self: read these soon” list. It seems inevitable that film and literary studies will have to confront Harman’s ideas (as well as Bryant’s, once his book The Democracy of Objects is published).

Do yourself a favor and read all four parts (one, two, three and four) of Robert Polito’s ode to Manny Farber over at the Auteurs’ Notebook. Sticky, sticky stuff.

I hereby decree that sneaker pimp Sonny Vaccaro is allowed to be all “I told y’all so” regarding the NBA’s newest phenom (and starting point guard of your Milwaukee Bucks), Brandon Jennings. Jennings’s now-legendary 55 point performance, which I had the pleasure of watching as it happened, was probably the most thrilling thing I’ve seen these past couple weeks… granted, that isn’t saying much.

Procrastination links

October 17, 2009

The title of this post more or less says it all.

Glenn Kenny shares a funny anecdote about a ressentiment-drenched sort-of-encounter with Pauline Kael. Given my own opinions of Kael’s aesthetics (and her seemingly snobby personality), I’m sure that I would’ve reacted just as strongly, though probably in an even more passive-aggressive manner.

Acquarello on the latest (and likely last) Jacques Rivette film, 36 vues du Pic Saint-Loup; on Michael Haneke’s much-hyped The White Ribbon (fingers crossed for an eventual run here in Madison); on Pedro Costa’s latest documentary, Ne change rien; and on 100-year-young Manoel de Oliveira’s Eccentricities of a Blond Hair Girl (which, by the way, sounds tremendous).

For those of us who live in Madison, which has no shortage of used bookstores, the fine art of browsing shelves to find something worth impulse-purchasing remains a popular past-time; alas, as Charles Rosen notes, this isn’t so for most Americans.

Dave Eggers will give a talk at the Chazen on 11/4. Hopefully he’ll be able to tell us where exactly the wild things are.