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An extraordinary week

April 13, 2010

The suspense damn near killed me, and yet here we are: on the eve of the first day of the 2010 Wisconsin Film Festival. This week’s DC column will be a (highly subjective) primer on navigating the WFF’s 192 films; however, that won’t be published until Thursday—so what’s worth checking out tomorrow?

I’m only planning to see one film on Day One, but, at 245 minutes long, it promises to be a doozy: Mariano Llinas’ Historias extraordinarias (2008). IMDb synopsizes the film as follows:

In this adventurous experiment in storytelling, secret identities, missing persons, lost treasures, exotic beasts and desperate criminals are only a few of the elements woven into a grand tapestry of mysteries.

And here’s an excerpt from the WFF’s film guide:

Historias Extraordinarias is four hours long – but it’s a page turner, not an endurance test, and moves at such a graceful clip that it feels intimate rather than epic. Boldly against the grain of the contemporary art cinema that tracks inscrutable protagonists at a snail’s pace (and which, to be fair, has yielded some miraculous films), Historias Extraordinarias is brimming with narrative detail, almost all of it relayed through an omniscient narrator whose loquacious descriptions don’t always match what’s onscreen.

The prospect of a 4+ hour movie shot on DV is very intriguing, and it’ll be particularly exciting to see just how novelistic the proceedings really get (the film’s narrative is divided into 18 apparently distinct chapters). Rest assured that I’ll be keeping a mental count of the number of walk-outs. Historias extraordinarias will screen at 7 tomorrow night at the Play Circle.

For good measure, here’s one of the film’s trailers: