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“Lorna’s Silence” at the Orpheum

November 16, 2009

I thought it worth relating to y’all that the most recent film by the brothers Dardenne, Lorna’s Silence (which I reviewed a couple weeks ago in the DC), has just begun a run of indeterminate length at the Orpheum. As those of you who read my review may know, I thought very highly of this film, and it’s not at all common for even fairly high-profile contemporary international releases to make it out here, so for chrissake: take advantage of the opportunity. Because nothing I’ve said so far reeks of undeniable persuasiveness, here’s a trailer for the film:

P.S. Some of you may get a kick out of the fact that the movie portion of the Orpheum’s marquee now reads as follows:




Enjoy the silence

November 2, 2009

In today’s edition of the Daily Cardinal: My review of the latest from the brothers Dardenne, Lorna’s Silence (2008). Please keep the circumstances of my writing this (i.e. on the morning after Halloween) in mind when assessing this sombitch. Either way, y’all have just a couple more days to go see Lorna’s Silence at Sundance, so in the words of Sugarhill Gang: jumpawnnit.

(Visual) Quotes of quotes of quotes of quotes, 10/29

October 29, 2009

The most recent film by the brothers Dardenne, Lorna’s Silence (2008), will make its Madison debut this Friday, beginning a six-day run at Sundance. Word on the street—which happens to be where the Dardennes’ kino-eye spends most of its time—is that the film quite a good one. The Dardennes have yet to knock me out (the same goes for most Zola-influenced schools of so-called “realism”), but then again I’ve only seen La promesse and L’enfant, so we shall see. My review will appear in the Daily Cardinal early next week; to whet your (visual) appetite:


From La promesse (1996).